July 2nd, 2007

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365 Days Challenge Up and Running!

All right!  The 365 Days challenge is up and running.  Sign-ups have started, but we haven't even filled a month yet so grab your date now!


And here's the timeline:

Sign-ups now JULY/2/2007 - JULY/20/2007.
Stories due AUGUST/1/2007.

It's going to be awesome!  365 Martha fics!  Filled with her being awesome!

Spread the word!  Martha makes me abuse exclamation points!
Leo Pride!

Second half of series four...wait a minute!

She is supposed to be in the second half of series four. That is when the doctor light episodes happen right? Yes, it is. I swear if the doctor light episodes is one of her episodes (which it most probably will be) I am going to feel even more robbed of her than I already do! Plus I do not see lightning hitting the same spot twice. The chances of getting another brilliant doctor light episodes seem very low.

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Woot, first post here.

I haven't seen this anywhere, so thought I should post.

Information regarding our Martha in Doctor Who Series 4. It is an official BBC press release, so we can trust it!

Behind a cut incase some people haven't seen Last of the Time Lords.

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The Art of Not Having Sex [Ten/Rose, Ten/Martha, Ten/Master, implied Barbara/Ian] Adult

Title: The Art of Not Having Sex
aka Five Times the Doctor Used Euphemisms and One Time He Didn't
Author: Camilla Sandman/misscam
Character/Pairing: Ten/Rose, Ten/Martha, Ten/Master, implied Barbara/Ian
Rating: Mature. Some language and adult actitivies.
Summary: They're definitely doing it. It's just not sex.
Disclaimer: BBC's characters. My words.
Author's Notes: References to The Age of Steel and Fear Her. Slightly AU for The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords. Prompt 013 for 50lyricsfanfic. Thanks to lyricalviolet for beta.

Table of Prompts

( 'That's all well and good, Doctor,' she counters, adopting his slight air of supreme knowledge, 'but that doesn't explain why you had your hand down my top.' )

Totally fake LJ-cut to my LJ.
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DLM: Frankenfruity

Layout Competition: Voting

I would like to start off by thanking all those who designed layouts for lifeonmartha. All of them looked fantastic, and I was pleased with all the entries.

We will begin voting now and the poll will stay open through Friday, July 6th. You may only vote for one layout.

Poll #1014217 Layout Competition Voting

Which is your favorite layout option?

May the best entry win!
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Fic: Out of a Black and White World [Who/Eureka, 1/1]

Here is my attempt at post-finale fix-it for Martha, cuz oh, how I did not like the finale...

Out of a Black and White World
by Jennifer-Oksana (jenniferoksana@yahoo.com)
Fandom: Doctor Who/Eureka
Website: http://jennyo.imjustsayin.net
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: The Last of the Time Lords, Once in a Lifetime
Disclaimer: Paglia/Crosby own Eureka; Rusty is currently marking Doctor Who as his. Epigraph and cut text, Kelly Clarkson, "Chivas."
A/N: I don't think you need to know Eureka to appreciate this, though of course it adds.
Summary: Martha moves on.

( It's hard not to look, I know // I'm amaz-za-zing // I love you, chivas..." )

Under His Little Finger: Pain (2/?)

Wa-hey! The second part of Under His Little Finger is now here!

Title: Under His Little Finger
Author: rose_baker
Chapter: Pain. (2/?)
Characters: Martha Jones (POV), The Doctor, The Master. Jack-to-come in later chapters.
Ship: Mainly Ten/Martha. Varied.
Genre: Just sort of... dark.
Rating: K+
Summary: TSoD, but with a different storyline. Martha's been captured and totured by the Master for a month now and suddenly the Doctor is back. But who is the mysterious Lucy Saxon, and how does she know the Doctor?
Author's Note: I'm not a watcher of ClassicWho, so if a certain character in upcoming chapters seems a little... off - please tell me how to make her/his personality better!

Well, here we go...

I wanted to wretch. Wanted so badly to kick and scream and just cry, but I couldn’t. The Master was probably watching my every move, so I had to be careful. I got up. I felt my cheek, the blood was still dry. So it hadn’t been that that had been bleeding. Then the pain came again as I stretched. I looked down. My whole side was soaked in blood. I lifted up my shirt and my breath caught as a huge, still bleeding gash of a wound was found before my eyes. I closed my eyes. I would need to get it sorted out. But there wasn’t time! There was never any time anymore! Not since I met the Doctor. But the truth is, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
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First reactions

I remember my very first reaction to seeing The Family of Blood, and I said some things in that fan-rant that has taken on a whole new meaning since The Last of the Timelords aired. Here's what I'd said back then. The Original post is here.

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martha, Martha

It's going to be a white, white Christmas for Doctor Who...

Everyone's heard? Sorry for the sarcasm, I hope everyone gets the joke.

Just rather upset we won't get get a proper Christmas with Martha, the Doctor and her family when Rose got two of them one. Gawd am I starting to sound like the Rosefen?

RTD apparently needed to bump up his hypocritical level after his comment about Primeval. I know nothing about Kylie so I don't want to be unfair but she does offhand look like a Billie clone?
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