June 30th, 2007


Fic: Big Shoes

Title: Big Shoes
Author: moi
Rating: PG
Characters:  Martha (implied Ten/Rose, Jack/Rose)
Spoilers: S3 DW
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimers apply.
Archive: Feel free, just drop me a line so I know (my ego is like that)
Beta: Apologies to my long-suffering beta, Rosesbud.  Postitus again, hon. 
A/N: Blameness goes to the pain meds for me writing it last night.  The actual posting of it can be blamed upon booze. 
Summary: Martha has some large shoes to fill  after the likes of Rose Tyler. 

She would not be like Rose…it wasn’t her path to burn with Time. 


(ps, my first post to this comm even tho I've been reading for a while, sorry if i done anything wrongz)
DLM: Frankenfruity

Impromtu LoM chat

I have decided to ease my wait for the episode by calling an impromptu chat for the lifeonmartha gang on AIM in the room named lifeonmartha.

Here's the scoop: The room is spoiler free for The Last of the Time Lords until the episode ends. Then the UK people can join in and discuss the episode if they want. The people who are still waiting and don't want to be spoiled can leave at that point, rejoining once they've seen the episode. Let's just keep the room open all day, letting people talk. I think we'll need it.

See you there!

ETA: Here's a quick tutorial of how to join yourself

Or IM me at lena74c to get an invite
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Fic: Discordia (4/10)

Title: Discordia (4/10)
Pairings/Characters: Ten and Martha
Rating: PG

Spoilers: Set post-42.
Warning: Contains plot. A long one.
Summary: Martha and the Doctor, trapped and lost in a galaxy they can't understand, just because they woke up some fanatical tree-spirits.

Author Note: Apologies for the delay in this chapter - the last few weeks of Who were awesome enough to kill ability to write words somewhat dead. Ahem.

Previous bits: Chapter One: Lakeside
Chapter Two: Desert
Chapter Three: Communication

( Chapter Four: Insinuation )
Martha anime

Writing The Beeb

I have not watched "Last of the Time Lords" yet because the comments on my flist have scared me.

I will watch it in the morning, but I am wondering if I hate it completely... and more so if Martha doesn't get her due... what's it worth if I write The BBC?  Do they actually care about viewers who write in?

I have a feeling, from what I've quickly scanned on my flist, that I will want to break my foot off in RTD's ass by the end of the last S3 episode.
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