June 29th, 2007

Request for Information

Does anyone here know how to skin eFiction 1.1? The archive has an old look, and I'd very much like a new skin to better fit 10/Martha, something that someone with my limited understanding could update as well. Does anyone here know how to skin? Or do you know someone who does? I would appreciate easy to understand tutorials, or someone to volunteer. 

Now, I also purchased a script for a website. The script is called Subdreamer. An example of the site can be found here. I used to use it for the Review/screencaps site I ran for series 3 of DW. If anyone knows if its possible to skin that script for a 10/Martha fan fic archive, that would be helpful too.

Thanks in advance.
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My favorite thing that (sadly) never happened....

I was chatting with a few other Martha fans the other night and we were discussing our favorite thing that never happened in Series 3. So rather than focusing on dodgy Daily Mail articles I thought it would be fun to take over the helm from RTD and crew and pick a moment that we would have done differently. Be creative, there are plenty of moments that could end "and then they shagged" but there were also a lot of other missed opportunities.

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Have fun!

The Doctor's Lament - Part 3

Title: The Doctor's Lament
Pairing: 10/Martha
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The Doctor and Jack have words over what each of them felt about Martha. Also, a kind group of peaceful Avianine strangers return her bones to them.

Note: Anonymous reviews are now available at the archive, so you don't have to have an account to review there now.

The Doctor now felt sorry for the dragon. The poor thing had flown to the other side of the pit and landed on the highest ledge, its fiery golden eyes warily regarding a naked, soot-covered Jack, who was struggling to reach the dragon by climbing determinedly up the rock face for another go. The Doctor pressed a button on the wall behind him, which opened a cave near the dragon, just as Jack reached the top. The dragon retreated with a grateful mewl to the Doctor.

(Rest is Here)
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The Weird West (Ch. 2)

Title: The Weird West
BETA: </a></font></b></a>stellypippin
Rating:  Nothing graphic, and I'm trying to make this like a regular episode...so PG?
Characters: The Doctor, Martha
Disclaimer: I am simply a fan using Doctor Who as a creative outlet.  Let my mind be, and have it wander around the depths of time and space, it likes it there...
Summary: The TARDIS lands the Doctor and Martha in a desert not far off from a Ghost Town, possibly in the Old West.  However, it turns out they are not alone...

"Time Lords don't get sunburn," he replied smugly.

Feel free to friend my fic!journal if you like!  And also feedback would be good to! :)
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Under His Little Finger...

First post has to be fic. Hope you like.

Title: Under His Little Finger
Chapter: Hatred. (1/?)
Characters: Martha Jones (POV), The Doctor, The Master. Jack-to-come in later chapters.
Ship: Mainly Ten/Martha. Varied.
Genre: Hurt/Tragedy (stolen off FF.Net, don't ask).
Rating: K+
Summary: TSoD, but with a different storyline. The Toclafane are primed, but the meeting wasn't in the Valiant, it was at 10 Downing Street. The Doctor was never transformed, but he was caught and put in prison. Jack ran away, seeking help. Martha stayed where she was, and got caught.

After four weeks of torture, Martha and the Doctor finally meet up again... but where is Jack? How can they escape with the Master's eye on them at every moment? But most of all, how will they stop him?
Author's Note: There is a usage of a knife in this ... (no, NOT as a kink), but not too much. Rated for swearing.

“Yes,” I replied coldly, making sure that venom trailed my voice, “God knows I hate you.”
The Master almost laughed, but he repressed it professionally, and sauntered back to the table, perching there like a hungry parrot. “Martha Jones,” he tried out the name, swirling it around in his mouth, seeing if it tasted nice. “The Doctor wouldn’t like to hear you say that about him, now, would he?”
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Fic: Crossing the Line

Title: Crossing the Line
Author: malaleen
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Ten/Martha, indirect Ten/Rose
Spoilers: The Sound of Drums; speculation that will most likely be Russelled by tomorrow for The Last of the Time Lords.
Summary: If you were given the task of leaving behind all that you knew in order to save the world, would the temptation to visit that which you miss most be too great?

Author's Notes: A huge debt of thanks to the following people, for if not for them this fic would have never gotten finished. For the good help with brainstorming and arse kicking, I'd like to thank significantowl. Also for beta work and arse kicking, badonkatonks. And for the beta help, littlehands.

(Crossing the Line)
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