June 28th, 2007

The Doctor's Lament - Part 2

Title: The Doctor's Lament
Pairing: Ten/Martha
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Martha awakens to find her wounds healed, and bad news from Hiraa.

I can’t believe it, Martha thought. I’m still alive.

She slowly came back to the waking world, feeling something soft beneath her. The smell of grass, flowers, and exotic fruit heavily perfumed the air. The sound of rushing water came to her on a pleasantly cool breeze. All of this was spoiled, however, by a horrible taste in her mouth.

Martha wasn’t prepared for the site that greeted her when she opened her eyes. A bat-like man hung, bound, directly above her, an ugly gash in his throat that had crusted over with congealed blood. Horrified, she realized the taste in her mouth wasn’t morning breath—it was that creature’s blood. At once Martha was overcome with an overwhelming sense of disgust...

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Comm Pimping- evol_doctor

Hi, sorry if this isn't aloud, mods feel free to delete if that's the case.

Hey there everyone please come and look at my new Doctor Who comm, evol_doctor

It focuses on evil!Doctor (any incarnation) and you can post your fics, reviews, fanart, icons...everything! As long as it is related to evil!Doctor. You can also have nice shippy things going on of all varieties but please remember to keep it evil!Doctor related :)

For more information head over there and check out the profile :D

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Ask Freema.

From the website for SFX magazine:

On Tuesday morning, SFX will be meeting up with Doctor Who's latest companion, Freema Agyeman. And we'd like to do something a little different with the interview opportunity, by opening the floor to you lot to ask questions.

So: is there something you've always wanted to ask Freema? It can be as silly or serious as you like! You can ask her what it's like to work with David Tennant... or what her favourite cheese is. Whatever. Something funnier than the cheese thing would be good, though.

They give you the ways you can send in your question on the site, here.
Intellect and Romance

Fic: Breaking Point Chapter 2.

Title: Breaking Point (Chapter2)
Spoilers:  Sound of Drums
Rating:  PG 
Summary:  Here come the drums! All hell has broken loose.  And nobody can do a thing about it.

Concludes over at my LJ

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Layout competition reminder

One last reminder that the layout competition is quickly coming to a close. All entries are due by midnight July 1st, I won't be picky which time zone. Assuming I can get the post together, voting will begin as early as Monday July 2.

I have been very pleased to see all the entries so far, and can't wait to see which one is ultimately picked.