June 27th, 2007

The Doctor's Lament

Title: The Doctor's Lament
Rating: PG13 (or teen: 13-16)
Pairing: 10/Martha
Warnings: Violence, language
Summary: When Martha is believed killed by a warrior race of bird men, the Doctor is determined to find her bones to return to her family for a proper burial. As he and Jack risk it all to find her, they come to the same realization--they both loved her more than they could have imagined.

He was bad news for women. And men. And transgendered people. Anyone who got close to him always came to regret it in the end. Even if they didn’t, he did. Something bad always managed to come of something good. No matter how hard he tried to avoid it, tears were always shed in the end. It had been so with Rose, now so it was with Martha.

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New Ten/Martha Fan Video ~ Ache

This has been sitting on my hard drive for the past few days because I really dislike my editing on this, but I wanted to do a test run on the opening art so I thought I would post it. Let me know what you think. 

I really wanted to use this song after sound of drums from the Doctor perspective when he realizes he may never see Martha again. It came out......'meh' but I hope you get what I tried to convey. Enjoy!

Song: Ache
Artist: James Carrington
Linkage: http://youtube.com/watch?v=q8pvXBPBh-I
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