June 26th, 2007

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fic: progression (we write stories that aren't fairytales)

Title: progression (we write stories that aren't fairy tales)
Author: synecdoche
Characters/Pairings: Martha, Ten, Ten/Martha.
Spoilers: Through The Sound of Drums.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1050
Summary: She's good at saving lives, is Martha Jones, a cool head and steely determination.
Notes: I've been wanting to write some Ten/Martha for quite a while, now, and I finally did. I hope you enjoy? ♥

( we're all good at looking for prince charming )
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New new theory on finale

OK, I know I'm pathetic. I know I need to get a life. I know this is getting ridiculous. But this new theory about the finale...it actuallly makes sense! And I haven't actually seen it anywhere else! And it's not based on the bible or mythology or anything -- it's based on actual stuff seen in the series! And...and...and... well, if you care in the least, click and read. Then decide if I need to be sedated.

New new theory on my LJ
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Freema on the Radio tomorrow...

OK, so I didn't actually know this, but jadesfire2808has found out that Freema is on the radio tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. 

It's Christian O'Connell's breakfast show, on Virgin Radio, and it is available on the internet, but it didn't say what time it would be on. All we know is that his show runs from 6am until 10am UK time.

Hope some people are able to tune in! (P.S. Don' think anyone has posted about this yet...)
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1-4 Green Wing
5-7 Black Books
8-32 Doctor Who
33-35 Black Adder
36-44 Jeeves and Wooster

Headers with Icons:
1 Stephen Fry
1 Doctor Who
1 Misc. (with Jethro Tull Lyrics)

Icons and Headers

If taking any, please comment and credit.
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tv: dw: 13

I'm Awake (And You're Breathing)

Title: I'm Awake (And You're Breathing)
Author: chicafrom3
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones/Jack Harkness, with implied Martha/Ten and Jack/Ten
Rating: PG
Warnings: ...none really. Some very vaguely implied slash, some het kissing, vaguely dark themes.
Word Count: 600
Spoilers: Again, none really. "Utopia", to the extent that [character spoiler that everyone knows by now]. But is placed very vaguely in the timeline and doesn't specify much.
Summary: Jack and Martha are connected in all the wrong ways.
Author's Notes: Betaed by the AWESOME snarkaddict. ♥ Loads of gratitude to her. Also, credit and appreciation must be given to crickets, whose challenge community un_love_you is at least indirectly responsible for this fic, as well as the title and two of the lines within.

( It's not something she's expecting )
Intellect and Romance

Breaking Point (Chapter 1)

Title: Breaking Point (Chapter1)
Spoilers:  Sound of Drums
Rating:  PG (minor bad language)
Summary:  Here come the drums! All hell has broken loose.  And nobody can do a thing about it.

Author's Notes:  This is basically my idea  of what I hope will happen in The Last of The Time Lords (as told to the denizens of the
Doctor Who FoeYay thread on TelevisionWithoutPity.com, where I'm known as Caffeine Junkie.) and it niggled and prodded at me and wouldn't let me go until I put it on paper... or 'puter... or you know what I mean!

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Fic: Sharing

Title: Sharing
Author: in_the_end
Rating: G
Characters: Martha, Ten, Francine, Clive, Tish and mention of Jack
Disclaimer: I suck at this so it is safe to say I have nothing to do with the creation or ownership of Doctor Who.
Spoilers: The Sound of Drums. Maybe The Last of The Timelords.
A/N: This is basically WHAT I WANT TO HAPPEN at the end of episode 13. If I'm right than I'm gonna call Rusty and ask for a job - but I doubt it. Oh and it is totally unbetad, sorry I just wanted rid of it.

("Things have changed. I have changed. Big time!" - In no way is this a fake cut to my journal)