June 24th, 2007

DW: Jack/Martha

Chat Reminder

Once again, it's time for our weekly LoM chat on AIM. Chat will start at 2 pm Est/7 pm UK time. If you'd like to join us (and I deeply encourage it, as it's loads of fun and you get to meet really cool people) our chat room is named lifeonmartha. If you're technologically illiterate, like me, have a look at a post made last week by eruvadhril about how to find a chat room.

Otherwise, if that doesn't work, contact me via AIM (lena74c) and I'll send you an invite.
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DLM: Frankenfruity


Today's chat was a rousing success! So many new people to share our DW/Martha love with. I would like to remind everyone that while our official chats are on Sunday, people could certainly make use of the chat room name lifeonmartha at any time.

It was asked of me to post today so people could reply with our AIM/LJ names so people could expand their flists, so I'll start.

I was lena74c=malaleen

Feel free to friend/IM me at anytime.
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Ten/Martha - Anyone Asks

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Title: Stolen
Rating: Well, there’s smut, so lets give it a nice M.
Disclaimer: Mr Saxon wants you to know it belongs to him. So don’t get any ideas.
Summary: Yes, it was a supremely stupid idea...
Authors Notes: Just because it isn’t Doctor/Master doesn’t make it acceptable. This is exactly the sort of filth I don’t want to see! (But I make no apologies for writing it!)

'If you scream, be sure you will not live to take another breath'

This was sort of written for the "lets get Martha shagged!' challenge, but it ran away with me, so this is what you get.