June 18th, 2007

Abide With Me

You can all mock me after this but here are the words to the hymn Abide With Me, that featured in the episode Gridlock (which like the next two episodes, was also by Russell T. Davies).

I think the words kind of work with the entire season in a way, and, if you think of the oncoming storm finale, maybe particularly they work best when considered from Martha's POV (?)

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Fic: Understanding

Title: Understanding
Rating: G
Characters: Martha and Ten (with a bit of Master...sort of)
Summary: She could never understand him. Finally, he's not alone. Why is his reaction so...alien? The last bit of Utopia through Martha's eyes.
Spoilers: Utopia
A/N: I wrote this as a reaction to Utopia. It's a different peice, I wrote it in a style I'm not quite used to, but I liked writing it, so maybe I'll do more like it. This episode was BRILLIANT, I hope I did it justice. Another insomnia fic

Cut to fic:
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Here's a wacky observation (and please refute by all means) but is it just me or does Martha seem to get her most positive emotional responses (acceptance/validation) from the Doctor when her hair is down?

The eps she's had her hair down in have been so far:
Smith & Jones
The Lazarus Experiment
(and I believe will be) The Last of the Timelords

It may seem silly, but sometimes wardrobe adopts particular looks for characters to reflect particular situations and emotional stances. What do you think?
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