June 17th, 2007

helen and kate

Fic: Spark

Hello! *waves* I've been lurking around since the new series started (this is such a phenomenal community!) and I thought perhaps I might de-lurk and share this small and humble fic with you.
This would be my first attempt at a Doctor Who fic longer then 74 words (and even then, not so huge) so... erm, it may not be brilliant but I hope you enjoy it. It's something that I loved writing... Martha being Martha, naturally.

Title: Spark
Author: Midvacent\Lexi
Rating: G
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: In her bed, when she sleeps, I hear her. The Tardis thinks of Martha.
Word Count: 320

Always burning, recklessly, in the dark
DW: Martha/Ten/Jack

This week's lifeonmartha chat

I don't know about you, but I certainly have a lot to talk about this week. Good thing we have our weekly chat to look forward too.

So, here's the deal: Chat starts officially at 7 pm UK/2pm est on AIM. Of course, feel free to drop in at any time. I'm starting to think we should just make lifeonmartha our official chat room name, thus allowing people to chat at any given time.

You can join the chat in several ways. eruvadhril posted a really handy pictoral guide on how to join the chat without going through the trouble of asking for an invite here. I also use the program Meebo, which runs multi-IM programs at once through a website (please note you still have to sign up for a AIM user name if you've never done chat before) that has a search for chat feature.

Chat will run officially for three hours, then if people want to stay later or leave, they can. I hope that I see a lot of the regulars and some new people this week. I know we have lots to talk about.
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Jongkey on stage

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So after watching Utopia last night and giving myself time to calm down from the squee-fest that had been occuring all day, I have finally started to put together a theory about how the Martha/Ten unrequited love arc is going to conclude itself in the finale. Now this includes spoilers for all aired episodes as well as some very minor spoilers (basically things that were said in the confidentials).

Killerspork33's Cracked Out Interesting Theory Involving a 925 Year Old Time Lord, a Kick Ass Doctor-in-Training and What 'Unrequited Love' Really Means When The World is About to be Destroyed in Front of You

You guys can all go read it here :)