June 15th, 2007

Doctor Who - Martha Archery

"Utopia" Wish List

What kinds of things do you really want to see in "Utopia"? I know that there's a lot of fannish expectation built up around this episode, and I'm curious to know if there are certain hopes that a lot of us in this community have in common.
bing and bong

perfect closure?

Now that we've had all this spoilery goodness, you know what we all need to do? Indulge in some more wishful thinking, of course!  To that end, a topic of discussion:

What would have to happen to make you feel there was perfect closure to the Doctor/Martha character arcs this season? What do you want to see or hear in the next three episodes that would give you that, "Ahhh...that was exactly what I needed" feeling about Martha and the Doctor?  I'm not asking how you would like to see the story end -- rather, what would make you feel that the relationship between the two of them has arrived where it's supposed to be? (If that makes any sense.)

For me, it would be hearing the Doctor say these words: "Martha...please don't leave me..."

What's yours?

(Note: since my response is not at all spoilery, I'm not using a cut, but other answers might contain spoilers, so let the clicker beware...)