June 7th, 2007

Some ideas for Ten fic...

Instead of sitting around envying those of you guys who have the discipline to write fanfic, tonight I thought I'd just throw out some of my deeply silly ideas in case anyone had the burning desire to write them up for me :)  I'd also be interested in any how-to-get-it-together-and-write tips that you might have.

1. Ten/Barty Crouch Jr.

Barty stows away on the TARDIS disguised as Martha. Our beloved Doctor, of course, remains entirely oblivious to Martha's new habit of swigging away from a little bottle of foul-smelling shape-changing potion in her jacket pocket, until Something Happens (e.g. Barty starts to wonder if he oughtn't change shape to resemble Rose instead?). I really wanted to write this story in order to pick up on some of the "change to live"/"please change back" angst from series 3.

2. Ten/the entire population of Gallifrey

Turns out that Time Lord culture resembles that of bonoboes. The whole Time War got started because they wanted to sex up those sexy dildo-esque metal pepper-pots and the Daleks interpreted this as a hostile act. The Doctor hopefully suggests that Martha help him re-enact a beloved Gallifreyan holiday ritual where two friends each pull a train. One of the train-passengers, like a Christmas cracker, is bearing a paper crown for the Doctor to wear.

3. Martha++
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... I dunno, what do you think? Too obvious or cliched? Would love to have your opinion(s) in comments....


Fic: Five Things Martha Jones Has Learned About Time

Title: Five Things Martha Jones Has Learned About Time
Rating: PG?
Ships: It's really gen, but there's Martha/Doctor and a mentioning of Rose/Doctor
Spoilers: Through Human Nature
Summary: ‘Lesson one,’ he said, so long ago. ‘Time is not a circle, line or anything having to do with geometry.’; AU Post-Human Nature. What if Martha got stuck in 1913 for a year and a half?
A/N: intense amounts of love to littlehands who got this to me despite all the craziness in her life right now and is amazing. Thank you so much, Lia! Any remaining mistakes are mine.

( Five Things Martha Jones Has Learned About Time )

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