June 5th, 2007


I'm new here and on LJ and I bring fanfiction. Actually it's my first one ever. And it's rather short. Okay, very short. And I'm not a native speaker and, and, and...! :)) What I'm trying to say is: I bet I could do better, but somehow couldn't wait to post this.
As you can see I'm scared, but I couldn't resist and really hope you like it! :) If I get comments I will write a sequel! A looong Sequel!
Minor spoilers for Family of blood.

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Fic: What Must I Look Like to You

Title: What Must I  Look Like to You
Summary: “That’s what you said,” the Doctor replied, looking up at her. “He doesn’t even look at me, but I don’t care.”  Set immediately after Family of Blood. What happened after the Tardis dematerialized.
Characters: Martha, Ten
Rating: Safe as houses.

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What Must I Look Like to You

PS -- Read Martha's new blog entry just before posting this. Funny how it deals with  the question I was thinking about while writing this...
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