June 4th, 2007

Fic: An Introduction to Space Travel

Title: An Introduction to Space Travel
Author: netgirl_y2k
Rating: PG
Pairings: Rose/Martha
Characters: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Romana, Jack Harkness
Summary: "Martha, do you know anything about stopping a rampaging army of cyborgs who are about to invade London?"
Notes: Written for lafemmedarla in the Rose Tyler & Martha Jones ficathon who requested Martha and Rose in an AU with Romana as the Doctor.

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Ozymandias in Hell, Ch. 3

For the Old Clichés Made New Challenge, answering challenges #9, #21, and #44...

Title: Ozymandias in Hell, Ch. 3
Author: Ponygirl
Rating: PG
Characters: Martha, The Doctor
Warnings: Er, I stole the concept from Paul Cornell?
Summary: Martha learns about a side of the Doctor she hasn't seen before. Well, make that nine sides, actually.

Thanks to my splendiferous beta-babes, dark_aegis and purple_bug

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Vignette: Titanic Days (1/1)

Title: Titanic Days
Author: missscarlett (link goes to my fic journal, scarlettfiction)
Rating: G
Spoilers: For Human Nature/Family of Blood
Summary: In a moment of hopelessness, Martha pines for normalcy.
Author Notes: This is a "missing scene" from HM/FoB that was inspired by a thread on lifeonmartha about how awful it would be for Martha in 1913. Very short (but complete), written because I adored this two-parter and wanted to have a go at writing Martha.

Link to fic

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Newest Video ~ Martha Jones Video Tribute~ One Girl Revolution

This is my newest Fan video, a Martha Jones Tribute using SuperChicks 'One Girl Revolution' . After seeing Martha take charge in Human Nature/Family of Blood I had to do something that showcased her awesomeness and hopefully this does. This is my first Character tribute video so if you watch it please comment - I plan on editing a Ten tribute soon. 

Linkage: http://youtube.com/watch?v=93qs0lnQR_E
Song: One Girl Revolution
Artsit: SuperChick
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FIC: Ghosts of the Past (1/1; PG; Martha, Rose)

Title: Ghosts of the Past
Author: Kazzy kazzy
Written For: darksylvia in The Rose Tyler and Martha Jones Ficathon
Rating: PG
Pairings: None
Characters: Martha, Rose
Summary: There was someone else in her bathroom, using her sink and her mirror, but not, she noticed, her hair brush.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: darksylvia wanted: Martha finds Rose's old stuff on the TARDIS, and through an odd wrinkle of time/TARDIS quirk manages to talk to past!Rose for a time (length of time at author's discretion).

Thanks to purple_bug for the beta! She is very good and very fast. Everyone should have a beta like her. :)

Fake cut to Ghosts of the Past
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Newcomer With a Fic

Hi! I'm new, just joined about ten minutes ago (though I've been lurking for quite some time) and apart from saying hello (hello) I have a fic to post! If I do this wrong...please don't kill me...

Title: Palindromes
Characters: Ten, Martha
Rating: G
Summary: Silly ficlet about The Doctor and Martha being trapped in a dungeon...again. Martha's annoyed, Ten's impatient, and of course, there are palindromes. Spoilers for Smith and Jones...sort of...if you look VERY closely...
Author's Note: This entire fic is based on a line in a play I was in during April, which was "Palindromes, what? Backwards? Forwards? (looks at palindrome) Why how utterly extraordinary!" For some reason, the way the actor said it made me think of the Doctor, and of course, a fic ensued.

Cut to fic:
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