June 3rd, 2007

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Chat reminder

In a little over two hours time, we will be having our second lifeonmartha chat. Remember it's on AIM, but you can certainly use programs like Trillian or Meebo to access the chat.

Please ping me at my AIM account (lena74c) and I'll add you to the chat room. Hopefully I will have less technical difficulties this time.

Hope to see you there!
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Friending Meme

As it's been over two months since we did the last friending meme and we have grown in numbers here at lifeonmartha, I thought it would be a good time to start another round.

Here's the deal. Want some nifty new lj friends on your flist? Answer the following questions and post your reponse as a reply. Read other people's posts. Comment on posts that catch your eye and ask to friend them. People will hopefully do the same for you. It's that simple.

Please remember that all questions are optional to answer.

New School/Old School/Both:
Favorite ships:
Favorite Doctor:
Favorite Martha moment:
Favorite episode:
What's in your lj?
Other fandoms:
Anything else we should know?

To make it even easier, here's a quick way to cut and paste:

Now go forth and friend!
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Norway - flag among flowers

Cheating Time [Rose/Doctor/Martha] 1/2

Cheating Time
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: You can't cheat time. You can change it, if you're willing to pay the price. You can't cheat it. It cheats back. [Rose/Doctor/Martha]

Disclaimer: BBC's characters. My words.

Rating: Adult. Naughty activities (none too explicit, though), language.

Author's Note: For settai in the Rose and Martha ficathon. I chose prompt 3, which asked for:
At the end of "The Christmas Invasion," Rose and the Doctor parted ways. Several years later, he and Martha show up at her door. Bonus points for Jackie and/or Mickey. Gen, het, femslash, or threesome. Threesome ahoy. AU from PotW, but references events of season two and hints of events in season three. Part one Rose POV, part two Martha. Thanks to Saz for beta.

( "Rose!" he beams. "You discovered Rose! Oh, wait. How did you discover Rose?" )

Totally fake LJ-cut to my journal.
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Title: The Dentist
Characters: Ten, Martha
Rating: G
Summary: Just a silly little piece. Martha wonders why he calls himself The Doctor. No spoilers, unless you count the names of villains as spoilers? Gratuitous Oscar Wilde references.

This started as a serious consideration of the Doctor and his identity, but it's late at night and the idea ran away from me.

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