May 30th, 2007

  • lizbee

FIC: Huntsman (Doctor/Martha/TARDIS, PG-13)

Summary: "A passing huntsman heard Red Riding Hood's cries..."  Martha knows where fairy tales come from.  She just never expected to be part of one.
Rating: PG-13
Ship: Doctor/Martha/TARDIS. 
Spoilers: One scene from "Human Nature"; allusion to "The Lazarus Experiement".  Set in the latter half of season one, but isn't really episode-dependent.  Also, there are spoilers for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  *hearts Martha*
Notes: I really did think this was going to be gen, but apparently not.  Thanks to cesario for her beta.  *loves her* 

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Utena: With Sword

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So, the next editions of Doctor Who Magazine are out, and with them previews of the final episodes. I haven't one myself, but courtesy of some helpful types on the OG, we have the quotes from them:

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Also in DWM is the list of writers for Series 4. I'm not entirely relevent if that should be posted here, since we don't know if Martha's in it, but since I'm posting info (and the newsletter will pick up this post), what the hell?

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