May 29th, 2007

Utena: With Sword

The Stage reviews Human Nature

Given some of the less than positive press that's been floating around about Freema, I think it's entirely suitable to post something a little more positive here.

So, here we have the online version of The Stage's Human Nature review. (I've been informed that The Stage is basically the in-the-biz newspaper for the acting industry).

Not only are they insanely positive about the entire episode - calling it both the best episode of Doctor Who ever, and "BAFTA-worthy" - but they specifically make mention of how could Freema as Martha is in this, and do a bit of rubbishing at the Sun's article.

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I love seeing people say nice things about things I like.

Newest Ten/Martha Fan Video~ A Time Lord and A Woman

I know some (including myself!) are really fusterated with the latest DS spoilers and after flip-flopping on what song to use I decided to stick with what I had been working on originaly as It just felt like the song to use. I had a hard time with this video so all comments and critiques are apreciated. 

(Please take time to read the lyrics on the youtube page before watching)
Song: A Man and A Woman
Artist: U2

*Comments are love*
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Martha's latest blog entry -- and the ship sails on...

Just read Martha's latest blog entry. HOORAY!  After getting myself all worked up over the possible interpretations of the Digital Spy spoiler , this blog entry is a breath of fresh air  -- because....well, just read it. And discuss.

(BTW, does anyone know how you can tell whether this is the actual BBC-created MySpace blog or a knockoff? I'm assuming this is the genuine article...)

Click  to watch the ship sail...