May 28th, 2007

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Top Trump Martha!

OK, this is probably irrepressibly geeky, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

The Doctor Who Top Trumps set only covers the first two series of New Who, which means it's tragically lacking a Martha card.

So I was wondering, what stats would we give her?

For those of you who don't own this essential bit of merchandise, the five categories are (with examples that ought to help us peg where to put Martha) ...

Height: I've just been told that Freema is 5' 3" or 1.60m (Top Trumps is metric)

Intelligence: this is a scale up to 50. The Doctor gets 50, K9 48, Jack 42, SJS 41, Reinette 40, Rose 38, Adam 37 (yes, Adam who's explicitly written as a super genius is less intelligent than Rose - Justin Richards says so), Mickey 29

Monster Rating: Goes up to 10 if you're the leader of iconic old series baddies. The Doctor, K9 and Jack get 2, all the other companion/girlfriend types get 1.

Darkness: This goes up into triple figures (I think the highest is somewhere above 200). Laughably, the Doctor's is 0. Same for Rose, SJS and K9. Mickey 15, Reinette 25, Jack 50 and Adam 100.

Courage: For some reason this is out of 75. The Doctor, of course, is 75. Rose and Sarah 72, Reinette 71, K9 70, Jack 69, Mickey 68, Adam 61.
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Fic: This Is What I Want

Title: This Is What I Want
Author: Me
Characters: Ten/Martha
Rating: General/Very fluffy!
Summary: Contains spoilers for Human Nature and most likely for Family of Blood as well as blink and you'll miss them for Lazurus.
Authors Note: I have several other plot bunnies for some smut but I just had had had to write this. 

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Worth 1000 words: Martha and the Doctor

I don't seem to have the skillz with the words like some of you, so instead I spotted a single moment to summarize Martha and the Doctor's relationship in series three so far :D

It's "Action grrl & Time-boi" !!!

(each of their faces are PRICELESS, no?
we've got a :rolleyes: on Martha and a :eek: on The Doctor)

ps. see what happens when I have too much time on my hands and no OG?
TARDIS, love

Whatever happened to "martial arts Martha" ?

Was that just early speculation based on Freema's CV ?
She certainly has the arms for it (woohoo!)

They need to give her more physical things to do than scrub floors and run around in heels. That counter hopping in Lazarus Experiment is a perfect example of how she could be more Buffy-like :)

(this post brought to you by the we-will-make-you-gay-for-Freema-club ;)
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Doctor Who music - various themes [Martha, Joan, Gallifrey, Rose]

I've been reading several comments about the Incidental Music in Human Nature, and how Collapse ).

While I was at it I also transcribed some others - Martha's theme, Martha enters the Tardis and the "Gallifrey theme" (at least that's what I call it). What better way to spend a day off?

No idea if anybody's interested in this kind of thing, but you never know :-)

(Audio files, transcriptions and comments over at my graphics journal)

ETA: The walz from Human Nature can be found here