May 27th, 2007

Dr Who - IA River/Eleven

Doctor Who fic: What He Wants

Title: What He Wants
Author: voicelikehoney
Characters: Tenth Doctor/Martha Jones
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Human Nature and speculation on The Family of Blood.
Summary: A one-shot I needed to write after Human Nature; the Doctor and Martha talk after everything is over.

(I'm still carrying on with Deja Vu, btw, but this demanded to be written first. Cross posting to Smith & Jones and Tennant Love.)

You will always blame me! You will always look back and remember what I took from you ...

For some reason I couldn't post in the rich text editor, either - it just wasn't offering it to me and I've no clue why, so I had to struggle with html. Boo.

Anyway, hope you like!
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Ten/Martha shipper vid - I See A Darkness

Hello lovelies... Delurking today to post my first shipper-typ vid, because I'm indignant after yesterday's episode and I want to do something good for Martha. There aren't any clips from Human Nature in this, it's mostly a sort of love song from Ten to Martha - about what he wishes he could say to her, but never quite does.

Song: I See a Darkness
Artist: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Please please comment comment, comments keep me going. Thanks :)
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Chat this afternoon

To everyone who participated, I had a very lovely time in chat with you all. It was a very fun and enlightening time.

To all those who missed it, it was decided that the chat was so successful, we'll be repeating it at the same time/place. Please consider joining, as none of us who chatted bite and we really had a lot of fun. I'll try to post another reminder next weekend.

And as I am rubbish at remembering LJ names, could all those who participated comment so we can be reminded of each other's lj names. btw--lena74c=me!
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(no subject)

Has anyone actually listened to the Human Nature commentary? I've just noticed that Freema's involved in it, and given the subject matter of the episode, I'd be deeply curious as to what she's have to say about it.

Feel free to explain as much as you want in the comments.