May 25th, 2007

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Thank you to all who voted in yesterday's poll about what chat program to use. By voters choice, we will be using AIM as the main program.

However, for those of you who don't have AIM or just don't care for it, may I offer an alternative choice? Trillian is a free program that allows you to link together AIM, YIM, MSN and ICQ. I just installed it today and it was very easy to do. It even helped me sign up for an ICQ account, as I didn't have one previously. Now I can see when all my contacts are online from all linked accounts.

ETA- There's another program that does the same as Trillian, only incorporates even more IM programs. Check out Meebo, too.

What will happen is that sometime Sunday morning (US central time) I will post a reminder about the chat and my AIM user name so you can ping me to be added to the chat. As I'm not as familiar with AIM chat as I am with yahoo, I'm afraid I'll have to add you one by one, unless someone can explain how to set up a chat room through the program.

I'm really looking forward to this chat and hope that many of you consider joining me on Sunday. Especially if Human Nature delivers the excitement that the promos and reviews are promising.
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