May 24th, 2007


Filth Fic: Corporal.


Author: Jo.
Rating: Adult. NSFW, or at home around the wee ones.
Pairing: Ten/Martha.
Spoilers: Human Nature/Family of Blood…kinda sort of. Call this a missing scene. ;)
Summary: Ms Jones, it would seem that you have let your manners slip. This simply will not do.

A/N: I am placing the blame for this on the following: karnythia…for several reasons, the first spoiler pic of Martha in the maid uniform, Uncle Ghastly’s campaign of ‘International Spank Your Maid Month’ (which is April btw), the fact that I paid my way through college by being a dominatrix. And lastly! A spoiler pic on the BBC Doctor Who site featuring gorgeous! the Doctor wielding the Wonder Cane!

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[5] David Tennant on "Parkinson"
[35] DW - "42"
[16] DW - "The Lazarus Experiment"
[21] DW - "Gridlock"

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DLM: Frankenfruity

Post Human Nature chat

For the past few weeks, I've been toying with the idea of hosting a chat to allow people to talk about the newest DW episodes. I know I'd love to get to know people better here at lifeonmartha and I'd love to talk to more people about what happens in Doctor Who.

So I'm proposing having a chat on Sunday, 7 pm GMT/2 pm EST. Why Sunday, you maybe wondering? Well, as an American, it always takes me a while to see the episode, and while I personally don't mind being spoiled, I know others want to stay unspoiled until they've had a chance to see the episode. By waiting 24 hours, most people should have seen Human Nature.

I do still have one question though. I need to decide on where to host the chat. I'm a yahoo person myself, but I'm fairly amendable to change if people want to use a different option. So to help me finalize the chat, I'm polling people on their chat preferences.

Poll #990997 Chat locations for post-Human Nature discussion

What kind of chat program would you prefer?

IRC channel
Other, I will explain in comments

ETA- I didn't include MSN on the poll because it's not a favorite of mine. But if that's what you'd like to use, please leave a comment so I can include it in my data.

After getting a bit more information, I'll post more details later. I hope that others will be as interested as I am about discussing this new two part episode.

Fic: Punishment.


Author: Jo.
Rating: Adult. Not Safe For Work, or at home around the wee ones.
Pairing: Ten/Martha.
Spoilers: Human Nature/Family of Blood…kinda sort of. Call this a missing scene. ;)
Summary: Mr Smith, it seems that you are rather the deviant aren’t you?
A/N: Payback’s a bitch ain’t it? Sequel to “Corporal”, wherein the Doctor is back to himself after playing at being human and realising that he has an assistant who is just dying to return a ‘favour’ or two. Ladies take notes. Gentlemen take notes for your significant other to study on your behalf. >=)

I also apologise for any discrepancies in the first few paragraphs of this, seeing as I have never read the novel the episodes are based on, and I haven’t seen said episodes yet. Btw? Like that little play on words with the titles? ‘Corporal’ then ‘Punishment’? Yeah I’m a dork I know…

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