May 14th, 2007

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One Man, Many Parts - Part Two

SPOILERS - Up to, but not including, 42. A Doctor/Martha two hander set immediately after Lazarus.


DISCLAIMERS, etc: The BBC own these characters of course, and this is merely between-the-scenes speculation. As with most stories referencing Gallifreyan history, there's a certain amount of speculation involved. Any errors are entirely my own.

Some of you gave me a hard time over a line in Part One, and on reflection I think you had a point. I haven't taken it out, but I have changed one or two other things (including the details of Pyrdonian robes - thanks for pointing that out!) If you don't want to bother reading the whole thing, just start halfway through for Chapter Two, as it were. And after this, I'll go away. Or not, as the case may be.

SUMMARY - In which the Martha-finds-Rose's-clothes-cliche is subverted, somewhat, and reminiscences ensue.
"It was like travelling with the iceberg in “Titanic”. The visible part was harmless enough; it was the hidden nine-tenths that was lethal."

Illustration by paintedxlie

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27 Preview Icons from episode 3x07 '42'

27 Preview Icons from episode 3x07 '42'

I couldn't wait till Saturday for the next episode of Doctor Who called '42' so I made a batch of colourful Preview Icons.
These Icons are pretty strong in colour so pop them sunshades on!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them

Sneak Peak Preview:  

Warning! Spoiler Icon alert, enter at your peril

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Fanfic: Post-it Notes (Ten/Martha, PG)

Title: Post-it Notes
Author: Cedara
Rating: PG
Pairing: Doctor(10)/Martha
Spoilers: Smith&Jones
Summary: Martha wonders how the Doctor knew that she'd be the right one for him.
Words: 1356
Notes: Beta thanks go to akire_yta. She's been an invaluable help to whip this story into shape. An additional jellybaby goes to evilgeniuslady for trying to help me out of a tight spot.

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The Teaspoon

As some of you might know A Teaspoon And An Open Mind is one of the biggest Doctor Who fanfiction archives online, covering all Doctors, all eras.

Sadly, however, there is currently a distinct lack of Martha!fic. And this is especially sad as the quality of the Martha!fic posted here is rather fantastic.

So I'm a-pimpin', because, much as I enjoy Rose, I'd love to see a bit more variety in the recent fics.