May 12th, 2007


Discussion: Black History in the UK

One of the first thoughts I had when I saw the episode line-up for this season was: Martha's of African descent and she's going to be in Elizabethan England...what were the attitudes towards people of colour in those days in England? Since then I have looked the subject up and was quite surprised by what I found. With the discussion raised in this post about the upcoming ep 'Human Nature', it will be interesting to see if the writers and producers did their homework like they did with the Shakespear Code.

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Don't be a girl Merlin

The Bad Wolf Connection II

Title - The Bad Wolf Connection

Rating - All

Characters - Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Tenth Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, Jake Simmonds, Tish Jones, Francine Jones

A/N: I orginally started writing this under the name The Big Bad Wolf, but two chapter's in, it became over complicated, so I went back and revised the story and the starting position.
It is a sequel to The Bad Wolf Connection.

WARNINGS!!: This does contain a massive spoilers to The Lazarus Experiment, so if you don't want to be spoiler'd then don't read it! It also contains my theory's of what will happen in the Series Three Finale (although I am pretty sure Rose won't feature in it)
The story is un-beta'd, but has been read though so many times that I now know the story word for word!

Summary: When Rose, Mickey and Jake find themselves transported to a parallel reality, they get themselves embroilled in the mystery while they try to clarify just when and where they are.

Meanwhile, the Doctor, Martha and Jack find themselves back on Earth and Martha dicovers that maybe the Doctor has lied to her more than once.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
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Utena: With Sword

LifeOnMartha Drabble Tag

Given that this weekend sees an absence of new Doctor Who episodes on our screens, and the fact that a number of people have been commenting about the relative absence of Martha-focused fics, I've decided that now is the perfect time to abuse my mod status use an idea I've had bouncing around for a while: A lifeonmartha Drabble Tag.

For those who aren't familiar with how a drabble tag works, you can see an example over here at who_otp.

The basic concept is fairly simple, though: You start out with a few fic prompts. People comment to the post with a drabble/ficlet fulfilling one of those prompts, and at the bottom of said comment (after their ficlet), leave three or so prompts. And the cycle continues.

Generally speaking, the response requirements are fairly relaxed - despite the name, the fics don't have to have a 100 word limit, but can be as long as you want (so long as it fits in one comment). In fact, if a prompt particularly inspires you, you are entirely welcome to post the longer fic to lifeonmartha proper.

People are welcome to respond to as many prompts as possible, and more than one person can respond to the same prompt. It'd be preferable if people put the prompts they respond to in comment headers, though, so when the comments collapse, they're easier to find.

Also, specific rules for prompts in this particular comm's drabble tag: Though prompts can be gen, shippy, smut, paired, threesome or more, het or slash, they must have Martha Jones as a focus. And unlike who_otp, more than just a ship would be prefered - a few words or sentence would be appreciated, especially for a more common ship. Crossovers are also allowed, just let people know what fandom you're referencing.

Some prompts to start us off:
- Martha, Tish and Leo have a childhood alien experience.
- Shakespeare joins Martha and the Doctor as companion.
- Doctor/Martha, playing James Bond and Bond Girl.

Feel free to throw a few sample prompts into the mix, until we start getting going with the fic.

Have fun!