May 10th, 2007

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n00b Who Brings Fic

*waves* Hello! I've been sort of lurking around for a while. I'd just like to say that I'm so very happy with finding this community, that I love Martha, Doctor/Martha, and Freema, who is way too pretty. (And she has lovely eyebrows.)

Anywhoodle, I come bringing fic. :)

Title: "Five Ways the Doctor Didn't Find Out that Martha Jones Loved Him."
Author: cheryl_tunt
Rating: PG-13 for a few swears
Warnings/Spoilers: Character death, but, other than that, none, really.

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39 The Lazarus Experiment Icons + 1 S3 Animation Icon

I really enjoyed The Lazarus Experiment and I think it shows in how many Icons I made for it and I think there was more to be creative with in terms of facial expressions, scenes and Ten/Martha shippy stuff 
Spoiler warning!

My Journal link located HERE


[ 24 The Lazarus Experiment Plain Icons ]
[ 15 The Lazarus Experiment Text Icons ]
[ 1 S3 Animation Icon ]

Please comment as comments are very much appreciate
Screencaps are from and Time and
Please credit me if using in your journal
Thanks! :-)

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Utena: With Sword

Background on Martha's MySpace Blog

And there's some info out about who's behind Martha's Blog!

And it turns out that Joseph Lidster (a Big Finish writer). I'd considered this a while back, given he was one of the very first people who listed it as a friend, so it's nice to get confirmation.

(And the fact the PR type who came up with the idea is named "Matt Park" explains a lot - it was someone named mattp over on Outpost Gallifrey who first linked people to it)