May 9th, 2007

bing and bong

Two things I wish for Martha

After reading a bunch of fanfic here and seeing the aspects of Martha everyone seems to be picking up on, I got to thinking about her onscreen persona. Thought it might make some interesting discussion.

First, she's the question-asker, seeker of knowledge and understanding. Wouldn't it be lovely to see the Doctor appreciating the wonders of time and space through her eyes a bit more? He used to do that with Rose a fair bit, but she was all wide-eyed youthful wonder -- kind of like a kid going "ooh" and "aah" at a fireworks show. I'd think he'd be more turned on by Martha's inquiring mind. I suspect  they're trying to stay away from recreating too much of the Doctor-Rose dynamic, but I think this actually makes more sense with Martha.

And secondly, along the same lines, Rose was quickly portrayed as the Doctor's salvation -- she made him whole and helped him heal, etc etc. Martha has shown enormous faith, devotion, and courage, but the writers seem very reluctant to show her having a profound impact on the Doctor (though it seems to be happening slowly). Again, I'd say it's because they didn't want to anger the audience about replacing Rose in his heart too quickly. Thing is, I wonder if they've gone too far in the other direction and made all this happen too slowly, moving Martha's character and her relationship with the Doctor along at a snail's pace...

Dr Who - TSC in bed

Very enjoyable fanvid on YouTube

I have nothing to do with the making of this vid but I've not seen it linked on this comm and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it so wanted to share.

Ten/Martha set to 'The World is Not Enough' - hurrah, James Bond music! The maker did a lovely job fitting the images to the lines of the song; I particularly like what she does with the line 'no-one ever died from wanting too much' ...