May 2nd, 2007

Dr Who - IA River/Eleven

Spoiler clips from the BBC for the Lazarus Experiment - try WM if you're not in the UK

I just had to include a link to an interview on BBC with Reggie Yates (Leo) that I just found posted on Outpost Gallifrey. There are a couple of clips and the first particularly made me giggle quite a bit. It's pretty obvious what's implied and I can't exactly blame the party in question for her reaction ...

Edited as I should mention that the second clip of the two is VERY spoilerific and you may not want to watch it. I'm just into the character moments myself ...
Don't be a girl Merlin

The Big Bad Wolf

Title: The Big Bad Wolf
Rating: PG
Characters: Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Jake Simmons, Captain Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Tenth Doctor.
A/N: Well, I have Breadcrumbs on hiatus, because it has come to my attention that a couple of thing are due to happen over the next few episodes, so I want to include them in my fic, but as soon as these little things have been clarified it will be back to work. In the meanwhile, a multipart sequel to 'The Bad Wolf Connection'. I do adivse you read this first. This and the first story are un-beta'd.
Summary: A few weeks after Rose's coma, she finds herself investigating a devasting incident in Cardiff that has killed off the entire city, meanwhile, the Doctor and Martha pick up and old friend.

Chapter One - Echo's Though Time and Space
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