May 1st, 2007

regrets and forgets

Unfinished Business (1/1)


Sensible cat

Word Count: 2748

Spoilers: S3, up to “Evolution of the Daleks”

Characters: Doctor, Martha, Tallulah

Disclaimer: All the really good ideas belong to the BBC. But they threw this one overboard, and I just couldn’t resist fishing it out of the water and playing a little bit.

Warning: Strong language in the first bit, and a Brit writing Brooklyn in the last. Don’t know which is worse, really.

“God, he was high-maintenance. Too much for her. Too much for any one person. Team effort, that was what he was……”

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An Image of Departure

Title: An Image of Departure
Author: redbrickrose
Pairings: Mickey/Rose, Ten/Rose, Ten/Martha, Eleven/Martha, Martha/OFC (implied)
Word Count: 1,385
Timeline: Through "Evolution of the Daleks"
Summary: Martha leaves
Warnings: Lots of angst and melodrama, gratuitous use of second person POV, potentially flawed grasp of old school canon
A/N: I've really only seen the new series, so if I didn't get it right I will gladly defer to people who have a firmer grasp of canon than I do. Also, a couple of months ago thedorkygirl wrote For Services Rendered about Martha leaving, and it really stuck with me. Credit where credit is due.
A/N 2: Title and cut tag text taken from Louise Gluck's poem "The Garden"

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