April 23rd, 2007

One Day 1/1; Ten, Martha; G

This is my first prose fanfiction since, near as I can tell, May 2005; my first "new Who" prose fanfiction; and the first prose fanfiction posted to LJ that's not a reprint. Also, I hear tell an outgoing officer of SWFA has denounced people who post their pro fiction for free on the internet as "pixel-stained techno peasants", and in response today has been designated a day for the posting of free fiction to the internet by the likes of, e.g., dduane. Timing.

Title: One Day, ...
Author: scarfman
Characters: Doctor Ten, Martha
Setting/Spoilers: through Gridlock
Disclaimer: This work is derivative of property of the BBC. No profit shall be made and no market of the owner is infringed upon.
Summary: Everyone's been posting their Martha learns he killed them stories quick before we see Rusty's, so here's mine.

( Fake fakety fakefake fake-alicious )