April 21st, 2007

Don't be a girl Merlin

The Bad Wolf Connection

Title: The Bad Wolf Connection
Rating: PG - a little bit of a violent moment, nothing detailed
Charcters: Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor
Pairing: Rose/Doctor
A/N: Set as a challenge by lynlods, you can all play along, if you click on my 'challenge' tag at the bottom of the fic you can see all the entries I've written thus far, and join in by leaving a comment on the 'Challenge the Author' post.
Summary: Even though they are apart, Rose still manages to get her message across the Void, even if she doesn't realise she's doing it....

The Bad Wolf Connection
David OMG // __kali__

Doctor Who Confidential and The Infinite Quest screencaps

[x] Please comment if you are taking
[x] Please do NOT hotlink
[x] Apologies in advance if you get bandwidth exceeded messages. It's only temporary.
[x] 700x420 (Confidentials) 704 x 384 (Infinite Quest) pixels in size, untouched

Doctor Who Confidential 3x01
[x] 443 caps

Doctor Who Confidential 3x03
[x] 578 caps

The Infinite Quest 1x01
[x] 205 caps

The Infinite Quest 1x02
[x] 221 caps

The Infinite Quest 1x03
[x] 269 caps
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Hello you gorgeous, gorgeous people! I coloured another Martha. No spoilers!

Collapse )

Does anyone want a special picture of Martha? The Doctor? Rose? Jack? A Dalek?

Cos I'm taking who-verse requests, (that includes Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures) Any pairing is cool, but one thing, KEEP IT PG 13, I'm only fifteen, man! (otherwise my pictures would probably be better.xD)

Don't expect them done lickety split though, i'm a busy girl! (if you can call pretending to revise when actually playing 'Zelda' busy...yes I DO still have a Nintendo 64.)

*love beams to you all*

EDIT// Believe me, it'll be better quality than this, this is terrible. xD
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fanvid to Placebo

I thought I saw a Doctor Who fanvid set to "Every You, Every Me" by Placebo. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If so, can you post it or send me a link? And if there isn't, someone should make one ;)
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