April 20th, 2007

Utena: With Sword

Just plain neat

Over on the BBC Writersroom website, you can now get a downloadable pdf of the Smith and Jones script. Yes, the actual script, rather than a transcript, so there's the comments on FX and brief character descriptions from Rusty, too.

Some interesting stuff - confirms Martha as middle child, and gives the ages for parents. I think my favourite description is of Annalise, though: "Dressed like a Big Brother eviction night."

Direct link to the Script pdf is here.
Doctor Who - Animated Angel

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dw_cross ficathon sign-ups close soon!

What is dw_cross? Similar to exchanges like yuletide, dw_cross is an anonymous fic exchange, but focusing on crossovers involving Doctor Who. Ever had the urge to have the Doctor join the Firefly crew? What would Martha think of fellow doctor House? How did she become so familiar with Expelliarmus, anyway? There are too many possibilities to list.

dw_cross is open to any fandom and any Doctor (or companion; new and old school canon, as well as Torchwood). Full rules are here. Sign-ups close tomorrow, April 21st.

So, what are you waiting for? Go sign up.

Icons ^_^

Made some Doctor Who,Scrubs and Billie Piper icons ^_^
Spoilers: Doctor who series 3-Shakespeare code & Gridlock, Scrubs Season 1
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The rest are over at my journal who_love

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