April 17th, 2007

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Gridlock Screencaps

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[x] 1578 caps
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[x] 464 caps from Doctor Who Confidential 3x02: Stage Fright

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Book of the Still

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Title: Establishing Events
Author: ionlylurkhere
Rating: PG for themes and one swearword
Word count: 2500
Beta: Huge thanks to violetisblue and waytoocoolrev for their insightful comments.
Characters: Martha, Adeola, Ten. <cover style="Marvel comics">Guest starring a hologram of Seven!</cover>
Warnings: Angst, Dark Doctor
Summary: "Crossing into established events is strictly forbidden."
Spoilers: Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, very minor for Smith and Jones and The Shakespeare Code; big ones for Unregenerate! (Seventh Doctor BF audio) and large chunks of the EDA arc.
Notes: It all belongs to the BBC, of course. A few snippets of dialogue taken from lonemagpie's "Unregenerate!" - huge gratitude to purple_bug for transcribing them for me.

( It was easy to be confident when you knew the future. ) [fake cut to journal]
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I lost my subject in a thunder storm.

It's me again! *ignores groans*

You were all so sweet about my Martha Sketches,(although I couldn't answer you as my computer was confiscated for a bit due to lack of revision *ahem*)

Soooo anyhoo...I coloured one for ya! No spoilers.

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Now I better run before I am re-captured and held hostage with only a maths book for company! DAMN STANDARD GRADES!
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