April 13th, 2007


Fic: A Different Kind of Doctor by AJ (PG-13, 1/1)

Hi, new and insomniac member here with a fic.

Title: A Different Kind of Doctor
Written by: AJ
Rating: PG-13
Character(s): Martha Jones
Word count: 1148
Warning(s): Spoilers for Series 3 episodes 1 and 2.
Summary: After her first journey in time, Martha finds herself alone and pondering her mysterious new acquaintance.

Two hearts, a sonic screwdriver and a ship that can journey across space and time, but the man can't iron. You've got to like that.
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Fan Art: Martha and Ten (who happens to be thinking about Rose...!?)

Okay so this is a little cartoony type thing I did on paint (yes I know, shame on me) I thought it was pretty good all things considered so please take a peek and tell me what you think :)




*double blink*

No spoilers, is work safe and suitable for all - yay!
Ships: (Only slight shipyness for both) Ten/Martha, Ten/Rose

Me get feedback you get... to be happy knowing that commenting makes you a better person, yeah that!

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