April 11th, 2007



Hoping this is allowed :o)
I've written a fic for the Old Clichés Made New challenge, but as I managed (somehow) to get it all down and finished in just three hours last night (thanks to some very persistent bunnies), I thought it might need a second opinion. And a title suggestion, cos I'm stumped - the bunnies depleted my creativity reserves last night. Oh, and it's about 3200 words.
Anyone up for it?
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fic: everybody needs an editor, by significantowl/owlyscribblings

Characters: Ten, Martha
Rating: PG
Words: 1611
Disclaimer: Anything you recognise belongs to the BBC.
Spoilers: The Shakespeare Code
Summary: "Martha Jones? Are we having oblique yet resonant dialogue?"
Note: Fairly silly episode tag, because I'm on vacation and I can (yay). Completely contrary to the title, this thing hasn't been beta'd, so feel free to point out problems!

Everybody Needs an Editor

Fic: Everything Old

Title: Everything Old Is New Again
Characters: Ten/Martha
Summary: He hates starting from scratch again, he realizes, and he won't.
Words: 1044
Rating: None
Notes: Vague spoilers for the Shakespeare Code. Many thanks for my lovely beta xwingace, who was, as always, such a great help. This was written before the Cliché Challenge was posted, but it still fits several from that list. Funny, eh? ;)

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