April 10th, 2007

Two Hearts

This is for the Old Clichés Made New fic challenge. A litle soon, I realise, but an idea hit me. Literally. I've got a bruise.

Name: 'Two Hearts'
Author: Cheeky_monky
Prompt: 15. genderswap (girl!Ten and/or boy!Martha)
Warning: PG-15- I think. No smut, little bit of suggestiveness, though. And a bit of kissing.

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Random Smut

Hi everybody :) I'm not new to DW, nor to this community, but this is my first piece of 10/Martha fic. Just a bit of random smut, because I'm crazy like that.

Title: Console Room Floor
Rating: R to NC-17 to be safe
Author: archanas247
Summary: Her neck tastes of salt and smells of smoke.

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