April 9th, 2007

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A Few Iconses

My main reason for posting was to share an animated icon from "The Shakespeare Code", but I'm including a couple of older icons I made so that this isn't a complete waste of space.

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Credit is requested and comments are nice, but most of all, ENJOY.

Looking for artist

Hi guys

I hope this is alright if I post this request here if not then please remove it.

I'm in desperate need of an artist or someone who could make a banner for my new community martha_love

The one that is there at the moment is made by myself, and I'm not compleetly happy about it.

If anyone is interested in making a banner for the community I'd be ever so greatful

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Fic: Everyone's Special

New member! *waves* It's rather neat in here :o) And very orange. I got me a Martha icon to use here too :o)

This was written for the doctorwho_100 challenge (prompt table here for those who are interested), x-posted here because I'm a comment whore :o)

Fic Name: Everyone's Special
Rating: G
Timeline: During The Shakespeare Code.
Spoilers: Some, not major, for The Shakespeare Code.

(Fake cut to my journal)
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Fiction: Brink

A small one-shot set during (well, just about) Smith & Jones. Very minor spoilers for that episode, and doesn't make much sense without its surrounding context. No pr0n, I fear. Maybe next time.

Name: Brink
Rating: Totally harmless
Timeline: Before the last five minutes of Smith & Jones.
Spoilers: Very small spoilers for Smith & Jones

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DLM: Frankenfruity

Old Clichés Made New---A Martha fic challenge

I can't tell you how excited I am to see more Martha fic popping up on my flist, but I really do think we can do better. Martha needs to be better represented in fan fiction in my opinion.

I think the neatest aspect of Martha's character is that she's so new to us. We can put her in familiar fic situations, those so-called clichés that we all moan and groan about with other characters and pairings, and yet with Martha they will be fresh and new. Especially if we take into consideration how Martha would react vs. some other character.

So I am proposing an "Old Clichés Made New" challenge involving Martha. Take those worn-out situations from fan fics and re-invigorate them with a fresh new character. Props will go out to any author who can twist the clichés into something new and interesting that the fandom hasn't seen before. Even bigger props will go out to anyone who manages to start any new clichés regarding Martha.

There is no limit on the size of the fic: drabbles, vignettes, short fic, long fic...everything's welcome. You don't need to claim a cliché and you are free to write multiple fics. The only thing I'd like is that you label your fic with the challenge and tell us what cliché or clichés you are tackling.

All fics should be done be done by May 31, which should give all of us plenty of time to get used to Martha's character. On May 31st, I will ask all people to link to their cliché fic(s), thus making it easier for me to create a master list.

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Have fun writing! Also, I've cleared up the due date of this challenge. You have until May 31st to finish up all fics. Sorry for the possible confusion.