April 4th, 2007

river; unicorns and rainbows

Fic: UST

Title: UST
Rating: PG
Characters: Ten/Martha
Summary: Like star-crossed lovers. Only not.

A/N: Set just after Smith & Jones, hurrah for non-obligatory post-episode coda things. Spoilers for that one obviously.

( UST )

Fic: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around (Short)

(x-posted as appropriate.)

Summary: Repeat anything enough times, with meaning, and it becomes a fetish.

Warnings: Kink warning, but no 'sex', and no violence. Call it PG-13 and move on.

Characters: Ten, Martha. Spoilers for nothing really, unless the idea that she's traveling with him is a spoiler, and you got that from the news media. It does help to have seen the look on the Doctor's face at the end of Smith & Jones, as Martha...

(The Doctor's lips are parted, hanging open, and his breath comes in and out faster than normal. There's a slight flush on his skin. "Step in," he says.)