March 31st, 2007

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New trailer for the first two episodes up on Freema's site!

And since I've said it on Outpost Gallifrey, might as well say it here; I'm childishly excited - squeeful, you might say - for tonight. Because it's new Who, of course, but also because we're getting to meet a new companion, and that means it's all new again. First reaction to the inside of the TARDIS, first trip to the past and the future, first alien planet (please let us see Martha's, it was such a disappointment that Rose's first alien world was in one of the novels!) and a brand new relationship with the Doctor. I can't wait for the episode, or the post-episode fics that I hope we'll have on here and smith_n_jones this time tomorrow!
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Ep Reaction Post

Eek, apologies that this is A Bit Late:

Communal Smith & Jones Episode (and Confidential) Reaction Post

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