March 23rd, 2007

writing ewan, and then they done sex

Mod Post/New Comm/Clarifications

Okay, so. Various discussion has arrived at the conclusion that yes, we will be multishipping here at lifeonmartha. Any ships. All ships. Het, girlslash, OT3s, RPF, tentacle-pr0n. Just remember to give warnings for shippy content and so on. Fic posts should have a title, author, rating, any pairing info you're willing to share, and some mention of any content that might cause upset for the reader. Obviously your fic should contain Martha, and in more than a one-line capacity.

Due to what was in no way cybersquatting, smith_n_jones (as in fish "n" chips, Chakademus "n" Pliers) is around to be the name of a Doctor/Martha offshoot comm. Yes, it's a bit early for such things, but there's already fic about them and, well, it's fandom. It's bare bones at the moment, but its there if anyone wants to join. Thus the probable main S3 ship gets a home and lifeonmartha gets to remain full of diverse pornography multiship. A fair degree of crossposting is probably inevitable, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. If it dies, it dies and nothing has been lost but precious moments of human life.

As we head towards S3 we're getting spoilers thick and fast (as it were) and that's going to increase as episodes air. Please to be lj-cutting your spoilers (and you have been, so this is really only a reminder) and remember that not everyone will be watching on first UK broadcast. Be discreet in your use of spoilery icons, and don't forget to lj-cut the fact that Martha is the illegitimate child of the Doctor and the Face of Boe.*

Open as always to comments and suggestions.

(*If this one turns out to be true I will fall off the sofa laughing myself to death.)