March 22nd, 2007

Utena: With Sword

Mod Post

Just a quick note from the mods. Or a mod, on behalf of the rest.

Coming up just this evening is the Press Screening for the first episode of Doctor Who Series 3, Smith and Jones. As a result of this, from tomorrow onwards, it is highly likely that there will be a lot of reviews, interviews and discussions floating around online, on TV, on the radio, in papers and so on.

So just a quick reminder: Anything about the show that gives any episode details apart from a vague outline should be marked as a spoiler, and behind an LJ cut. (If you don't know how to LJ cut, instructions are here).

At the very least Jo Whiley will apparently be talking about the episode on her radio show tomorrow, and I expect she won't be alone, so though you are entirely welcome to post scans, links, quotes and so-on, they need to marked as spoilery and cut for anything specific.

There are also a number of pictures (Of Martha, the Doctor and others) that are currently embargoed until Sunday, and the same applies to them. Cuts for anything remotely spoilery (and any large pictures).

Everyone here has been very good so far, and I hope we can keep it up as this comm really starts to kick into gear.

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I've not read or written any Martha fic because I don't want Fanon to risk making me disappointed of Canon!Martha. I read a lot of fanfic before getitng introducted to Canon!Gwen Cooper and I think that was a huge mistake, because when I finally "met" Canon!Gwen, I was ridiculously disappointed in her. She'd seemed so much cooler in the fics I'd read. I don't want the same thing to happen with Martha, so I've stayed clear of fic this time around.

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BBC Breakfast item on DW

For people with current access to BBC1: It appears that BBC Breakfast will be running an item on the coming series at 9.10 GMT. I can't be entirely sure, but they made it sound like Freema would be there.

There's also an interview with Catherine Tate, though that won't be about Who, as I understand it.

EDIT: Damn,they ran a recorded item on yesterday's press launch just before 9. There's still a preview to come at 9.10, though. (And Freema will be there next week.)
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What do you want from Martha?

I've been doing some thinking yesterday night, and I came up with this slightly too long post about Rose, Martha, the audience and possible morales for season 3. Beware of spoilers for the newest pictures, the trailer and Doctor Who season 2.

But what I really wanted to ask, all spoilers aside: What do you hope for? What character traits should she have? Should she be like Rose? Totally different? What would you like to see? What -after seeing the latest news- do you think she will be like? Will you like her? Will you ship?
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Like A Surgeon

The moment this song came on, I thought, "someone should do a Martha fanvid."

OF course, it all depends on how much screentime Martha will have working, but if there is, won't someone please please make one?

Oh, and I guess it also might depend if Martha actually passes her exams. LOL.
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9 Martha icons by moi

Hey guys, I was waiting for some good quality pics up on the old bbc site before I jumped into iconing a bit of Martha, now they've been put up I can't hold out any longer XD Comments are love and credit's a must. Gradients/Textures/Brushes/Screencaps credits are here in This post

Spoilers for newest photos and trailers.

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