March 20th, 2007

Utena: With Sword

Totally Doctor Who

Courtesy of someone on the OG, but it can also be found on the Radio Times website, we have some information on the start of the second series of Totally Doctor Who (which includes that oh so intriguing cartoon...), and a special interview with Freema (and Reggie Yates, who plays her brother).

Totally Doctor Who
5:00pm - 5:25pm
Barney Harwood and Kirsten O'Brien look at everything Doctor Who with exclusive behind-the-scenes clips, a weekly competition called Team Totally, and the first episode of an exclusive Doctor Who animation. Plus, a chat with the Doctor's new companion, Freema Agyeman and her on-screen brother Reggie Yates, and explosions and special effects are recreated in the studio.

So, after the first episode, but something else to look forward to.