March 16th, 2007

Utena: With Sword

Freema in April Marie Claire Magazine

(With thanks to KatmuEllon of the OG).

There's an interview with Freema in the April edition of Marie Claire (UK version, not sure about other countries. It has Jennifer Garner on the cover).

In any case, though KatmuEllon only shared a little bit of the interview, it sounds lovely. And Freema stands up for the fans, bless her!

"Freema is in my Marie Claire this month - or technically next month, since they come out so blinkin early. She is gorgeous bless her! More importantly, she says, in response to being asked how she is dealing with the pressure of filling Billie's shoes: 'I know it's a massive thing, but Martha's a very different character and I've tried to bring some of myself to her. She's a medical student who challenges the Doctor more. And yes, there's something bubbling under the surface between them.' She also says the Shakespeare episode is her favourite and then she sticks up for us fans (yay!), when they suggest we're all fanatical (as if that isn't the meaning of the word fan anyway) saying: 'They're not mad, they're avid. I'm just grateful for any attention I can get.'"
- From KatmuEllon in the OG.

A scan of the picture with the interview may be forthcoming.

ETA: And a picture (again thanks to KatmuEllon)