March 8th, 2007

cherry blossom

fic: red is the colour, by significantowl [Ten/Jack, PG]

Hi. :) While the pairing is Ten/Jack, I thought this fic belonged here: there's an awful lot of Ten-and-Martha, not to mention a good chunk of Martha pov.

Author: significantowl/owlyscribblings
Rating: PG, for Jack being Jack, and an eensy bit of boykissing.
Pairing: Ten/Jack [Ten, Jack, Martha, Toshiko]
Words: 6167
Summary: "What is it with you humans and Mars, anyway?"
Spoilers: Torchwood End of Days
Note: Written for nefthoron in the twdw_ficathon, who wanted Jack, the Doctor and Martha having an adventure, an accidental return into Torchwood's future than what Jack might have liked, and a banana.

Red is the Colour