February 24th, 2007

Utena: With Sword

"Made of Steel" released

Despite the fact that it isn't due out until March first, over at Outpost Gallifrey, several people have reported seeing the Tenth Doctor and Martha Quick Reads novel Made of Steel for sale at a number of BBC or other bookstores.

Which means that Martha's first official Doctor Who outing can now be seen (well, read)

Oh, and some discussion of spoilers from the novel, in terms of Martha's character, mostly, can be found in this OG thread.

ETA: Amazon UK now has pages for the September Ten and Martha books, as well as a probable release date, 6th September.

The individual pages are:
Forever Autumn, by Mark Morris
Wetworld, by Mark Michalowski
Sick Building, by Paul Magrs (which previously had a working title of "Wicked Bungalow")