dazed and confused (voicelikehoney) wrote in lifeonmartha,
dazed and confused

Freema up for a TV choice award

Just seen this linked on Outpost Gallifrey - Doctor Who, David Tennant, Torchwood and Freema are all up for awards in separate categories (as is John Barrowman, but he's competing with David for Best Actor ... wah) - if anybody feels like voting, here's the link:


Billie Piper is also up for Best Actress, but for her part in Mansfield Park.

Edited to remove what was a personal and rather inflammatory opinion, though not meant to start off a Rose-fan bashing session. I have no problem with the vast majority of Rose fans - just a select minority of them, so apologies for even putting anything up about that in the first place.

Good luck to Freema, though. I think she's done a fabulous job in series three and I sincerely hope she's recognised for it.

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