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An introduction and a fic.

Hello.  I'm shiny and new over here, but I've lurked for a bit and decided to take the plunge.

I bring fic.  I post at whofic as Caffeinejunkie and as Idiotgirle (because someone already took the name Caffeinejunkie!).  I don't ship.  I acknowledge the canonicity of Ten and Rose and their Twu Wuv 4eva... just don't ask me to write it!  I think the Ten/Martha relationship has the potential to be a great friendship on the basis of the "description of Gallifrey" scene in Gridlock and some of the spoilers from 42.

Annyhoo...  I've only written one short Ten/Martha piece so far, but I'm working on a couple of others.  I'm posting this in response to the post lamenting good Martha fic on Teaspoon.  I hope people think this falls in the category of good!

Title:  Tea and Sympathy?
Characters:  The Doctor, Martha Jones
A small "missing scene" effort between the events of Evolution of the Daleks and The Lazarus Experiment (written and published before TLE aired.)
The Doctor told Martha about Gallifrey... Maybe it was time to tell her more?

Reviews etc always welcome.

Tags: fic

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